Plumbing Service Bukit Timah

This trusted Bukit Timah plumbing company has been serving commercial or residential customers for decades. A well-trained plumber with a PUB certificate will do an on-site problem assessment and provide a reasonable price.

More than 10 years of industry experience: This well-known PlumberSingapore.Net plumbing company started service 10 year ago and consists of a group of Bukit Timah plumbers licensed by PUB.

24-hour availability and fast response time : Is there an emergency? No matter where you live in Bukit Timah, MasterĀ  plumber Singapore will call you within half an hour after you make a booking! They will fill the truck to make sure they have all the equipment needed to solve the problem as soon as possible.

3 month plumbing warranty: we provide 3 months or 90days warranty after the service, and we will responsible for what we did. Call our Bukit Timah plumber now for all the your plumbing problem.