Plumbing Service Hougang

Looking for trusted plumber in Houngang area Singapore ? Houngang is considered part of the “heart” of Singapore, far from the Central District. Most of its business activities are concentrated in several shopping malls, and are used by community centers, community clubs, places of worship, offices, industry, sports and entertainment. .

PlumberSingapore.Net is ready to provide one stop plumbing services to Hougang area 24/7. Our team are able to meet customer needs quickly and quality. We provide services holistically, serve customers with efficiency and capability, and most importantly save cost. We use the most advanced and up-to-date technology to cope with unnecessary work and costs. We are complete to provide various pipeline services for industrial , commercial and residential customers in this area. Houngang plumber has done pipeline work throughout the island. We have solved all kinds of plumbing problems, including: urine and toiletsensor flush valves, toilets, kitchen sinks, chambers inspection , toilet floor trap throttles, vent holes, water storage, repair or replacement of instant water heaters, Faucets, sink mixers, shower mixers , bidet spray mixer, stainless steel, chrome and PVC bottle traps, faucets and washing machine waste, replacement of clamp pans, pipe leaks and other accessories. You can call us at +65 8133-9461 or WhatsApp at any time to inquire about pipeline problems.